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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nikki the cake decorator

My lovely teenaged daughter has begun a cake decorating class.  She is so creative, that I think this is a great opportunity for her.  The first week they decorated cookies.  This week they moved on to frosting a cake, and next week it will be fillings.  I am so impressed with the cake she made yesterday.  She and her friend want to start selling their cakes to make some money.  They have this grand plan of babysitting and baking cakes to make money over the next 8 months so that her friend can go on vacation with us over the summer.  They seem to think we're going back to Hawaii, even though that has yet to be decided.  Oh well more power to them.  Their cakes are beautiful!  The photo doesn't do it justice, but I'm going to include it anyway!

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's over :-(

Well we made it through the holidays.  It was such a great year!  I can't even begin to think about the whole year, but the month of December was certainly peaceful.  I haven't even downloaded my pictures yet.  Maybe next week when the kids are back in school.  Today I started my spring cleaning a bit early.  I got on a mission to clean every cupboard in this house.  I made it through the family room, the bar, the hallway and most of the kitchen.  It felt really good!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Last night we had a fun group of old friends over for dinner.  Bill arranged it all on his last "guys night out".  There was Pat & Tia Shea, Mark Damaske, Scot & Gina Moga, Phil Velto & his girlfriend Becki, John & Lisa Filpi, Steve Weck and his girlfriend March and us.  We had picked up Vince's spaghetti to make life easier, and it turned out to be a great idea.  I was able to relax and enjoy visiting with everyone, and didn't once  have to worry about food.  It was such a nice night catching up with people we haven't seen in ages and others that we see all of the time.  It's definitely something we'll have to do again!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Ali!

We made it through another sleepover, and by we I mean me!  Ali had invited 10 girls to sleepover.  Nine were able to come and six slept over.  She was disappointed that they all couldn't stay, I was thankful.  Six is manageable.  We rented an obstacle course jumper, which turned out to be a great vehicle for exhaustion.  They did a scavenger hunt around 8:00, had cake and jumped and jumped.  By 11:30 I turned off the TV and told them to tell scary stories.  By 11:45 they were all asleep.  Unfortunately one of the girls had an early baseball game and had to leave at 7:15.  That was the end of the peaceful morning.  I'd made homemade cinnamon rolls so they had those with some eggs and sausage for breakfast.
I can't believe my baby is ten years old.  It seems like only yesterday when she was born.  She's always been tall and mature, but at the same time still definitely the baby of the family.  She has such a great personality and is so smart!  I am so lucky to have had her.  I am the luckiest mom in the world to have such great kids!  Happy Birthday Pals!!