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Thursday, April 21, 2011

iFitness Belt

I purchased this belt after having used the Belkin arm band and getting frustrated with it pinching and chaffing my arms.  I've used the belt four times now.  All of my runs have been 5-6 miles.  The first three times I had zero problems.  The belt was perfect. I  completely forgot it was there.  The only problem I encountered was when a song I didn't want to hear came on with the arm band, I just reached over and hit skip.  This belt holds my phone really tightly and I'd have to completely stop running to pull my phone out enough to change songs.  So yes that forced me to make a playlist of songs I like for running only.  Still there are times I need a powersong and with the belt I'm unable to make that change.

Today however this belt drove me crazy!  It would not stay put.  It kept riding up.  I swear one time it felt like it was right below my bra!  I ended up pulling way down, basically across my butt.  At least that way it stayed put.  I think the difference had to do with the material of my pants.  The photo on the left is from today's run.  The other times I'd run with the belt I wore the more cotton type pants and shorts.  Overall I really love the iFitness Belt and I'll continue to run with it.  If it continues to ride up, I may have to go back to the arm band.  What do you find works best for you? As a new runner I want to find tools to help me but I don't want to spend a fortune going through all kinds of gear that doesn't work well.


  1. iFitness Belt update: It was just those pants. I've since worn it 4x/week and not had any problems. Most of my other pants have more cotton than the ones pictured and seem to keep the belt firmly in place. The belt has also stretched a bit making it easier to grab other things, such as a Jolly Rancher while on the run. It's definitely a keeper!

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