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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Francisco DMV Sucks!

So we received our registration renewal in the mail for our car yesterday.  And as we were trying to figure out why it was so expensive, we discovered that there was a charge for $115 for a parking violation in San Francisco from 7/2/10.  Fabulous, we were in Laguna Beach over 4th of July last year.  In fact we have never driven that car anywhere near San Francisco.  So I called the DMV this morning.  I was on hold for 20 minutes before I hit the button to have them call you back.  They called me back to inform me that I'd need to contact the San Francisco DMV.  So I go online to look up their number and guess what?  They only reference the main 800# that I'd already called!  I called back and went through the same circus.  When they called me back this time she informed me that they should have given me the number for SF in the first place, duh!  After calling them, I was told that was the license number the officer had written down and that I'd have to write a letter to protest it.  The DMV also told me that if SF doesn't take it off by the end of September, we'll have to pay it in order to get our registration and fight them later.  Really??  What a pain in the butt for something that we absolutely have no responsibility for!  I understand it's a great way to get people who evade parking tickets, but it's a really flawed system for those of us that follow the rules!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Girls are Back!

So my girls came back into town yesterday afternoon, and I was excited!  The bus was dropping them off in Pasadena but I wanted to be there.  Stephen and I drove out and had lunch with Bill, did a little shopping and then drove over to the drop off point.  Unfortunately it was blazing hot and the bus was late.  Hmmm I guess they didn't account for 4th of July weekend travel?

Anyway they got back around 2:00, about a half hour behind schedule.  They said goodbyes to everyone on the bus and jumped in the cars.  For the last 48 hours we've gotten caught up on all of the great stories and adventures.  It sounded like another fabulous year at YSSC!  Nikki begged to go for an additional week at the end of July.  It's only for the older campers and it's all water sports.  We considered letting her go, but realized it overlaps our vacation.  Bummer!

I was so happy to have everyone sleeping in their own beds last night.  It just makes me feel like everything is right in the world!  Here's some pics from camp:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lululemon Rocks!

So today my two daughters were coming back from camp after 12 days.  My husband works in the city they were being dropped off, but I wanted to be there to welcome them back too.  So my son and I drove out, had lunch with the hubby and then had about an hour to spare.  I'd been drooling over one of the tops at Lululemon but wanted to try it on before buying it.  So we headed over there to browse.

Of course I couldn't stop at just looking at the top.  I love their stuff!  Being that I now consider myself a "runner" I felt compelled to look at all of their runner wear.  I tried on a couple of styles of shorts, the run speed short and the willpower short.  I also had the top I wanted, the short sleeved willpower and a badly needed sports bra (loved the name Ta-Ta Tamer).  The salesgirl was totally helpful, offered opinions and grabbed sizes for me.  Then while I was still in the dressing room she gave me a shocker.  She said that even though I'd chosen the run speed shorts, she was going to give me the willpower shorts for FREE!  I said, "What?"  She said she'd like to give them to me to promote.  I think I still had a look of shock on my face so she further explained that they'd like me to run in them.  And then give feedback to them as to what I like and don't like.  I said if they were going to give them to me for free I'd wear a sign on my back promoting them!  It was so awesome.  Things like that NEVER happen to me!  And I don't even feel bad that when I looked at them online after getting home, they said they were for people with larger, more athletic legs.  Still don't care!  When I got home and tried everything on again, I actually like those better because they are a little longer.  We'll see when I go on a run.  But woo hoo, what a way to start the holiday weekend!!

Cute little zippered pocket in the back and two little slots in the front for gel packs.  Great shorts!   What unexpected freebies have come into your life?