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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Girls are Back!

So my girls came back into town yesterday afternoon, and I was excited!  The bus was dropping them off in Pasadena but I wanted to be there.  Stephen and I drove out and had lunch with Bill, did a little shopping and then drove over to the drop off point.  Unfortunately it was blazing hot and the bus was late.  Hmmm I guess they didn't account for 4th of July weekend travel?

Anyway they got back around 2:00, about a half hour behind schedule.  They said goodbyes to everyone on the bus and jumped in the cars.  For the last 48 hours we've gotten caught up on all of the great stories and adventures.  It sounded like another fabulous year at YSSC!  Nikki begged to go for an additional week at the end of July.  It's only for the older campers and it's all water sports.  We considered letting her go, but realized it overlaps our vacation.  Bummer!

I was so happy to have everyone sleeping in their own beds last night.  It just makes me feel like everything is right in the world!  Here's some pics from camp:

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