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Monday, June 1, 2015

Easter 2015

Since I haven't been on my blog in ages and the last post was Easter 2014, I figured I'd just jump ahead a year.

Stephen had Friday off of school for Good Friday (love Catholic schools!). We asked him to come home for the weekend and invited Caleigh to join him.  They were free, so they flew down on Thursday and back to school Sunday evening. Unfortunately Bill & I had concert tickets booked for Kenny Chesney in Vegas for Friday evening. So we picked them up at the airport, went out to dinner and then headed to Vegas.

Concert was great, glad we went. But we missed getting to spend some time with Stephen and Caleigh.

Anyway Easter morning we had the traditional crepes.  I made some eggs, bacon & crepes with strawberries.  Breakfast was yummy and it was so nice to have our whole little family together!

Afterwards, the kids all headed out back for their Easter egg hunt. Nobody knew the eggs were filled with cash and they were still excited to go hunt for them! I love the enthusiasm! They all had a certain number of eggs to find. It took awhile but everyone found theirs. As a side note I found another egg a week later so I'm not sure where the extra one came from!

Later in the afternoon we headed to Chuck & Joanne's for Easter dinner.  They did a cute carrot pull instead of an egg hunt this year.  Their garden was overflowing with carrots so the kids each pulled one.  There were prizes for various categories such as: longest, shortest, ugliest, etc.  It was a fun way to get her carrots harvested!  As always it was a nice day.  We enjoyed visiting with family and getting to sit and talk with everyone.

The visit definitely didn't seem long enough but I was thankful for a chance to visit with Stephen and Caleigh.  Happy Easter 2015!

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