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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

I can't believe we're already at Easter!  Wasn't it just Christmas?  This was the first holiday we spent without Stephen.  It was weird, but we had a good day.  I made crepes for breakfast, which the girls were happy about.  They also wanted to have our annual egg hunt so they got to hunt for plastic eggs filled with scratcher lottery tickets.  They each won a few bucks and had fun searching.  Bill couldn't resist giving tons of clues along the way.  He's such a kid at heart.  I think next year, I'll make sure he doesn't see where any of the eggs are before the hunt and let him search along with the girls.

Then we all got ready to go over to Chuck & Joanne's.  The girls decided to get prettied up this year.  They looked beautiful!

We couldn't have asked for a better Easter Sunday!  The weather was perfect.  The volleyball court was groomed and ready to roll.  The kids had the crazy egg hunt (Nikki found two, really two?!)  They were holding out for the big eggs but didn't find any.

Later on some shuffleboard got going.  We enjoyed just sitting and relaxing and catching up with everyone.  We came home around 7:00 and got to talk to Stephen.  He said he'd had a nice brunch with some friends and had an uneventful day.  It was a perfect end to an awesome day.

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