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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boring Daily Tasks

Wow I haven't blogged in awhile. I decided that since I haven't been good about blogging about the big stuff, I'd start to blog about the mundane. Yep my boring daily life. So here's a recap of yesterday: Woke up at 6:15. Got ready, made the kids smoothies & Ali lunch. 7:30- took Ali to school. Parked at the park next to the school to go on my run. 7:45- got a phone call from Ali that she'd forgotten her math book & could I bring it. 8:00- get home & the math book isn't there 8:15- get back down to the park & start my run. 10:15- finish 12 mile run & get back to my car exhausted. 12:30- have showered, stretched & had lunch. 1:00- run to Target for groceries. Go home & unload. Realize I forgot to go next door for Nikki's face cleanser while I was at Target. 2:00- run to Ulta to get said face cream 2:30- pick up Ali 3:00- go home get Ali started on homework. Read a chapter in Jane Eyre to keep up with Nikki's assignment. 3:20- Stephen gets home & eats his dinner so it has time to digest before club. 4:30- leave to pick up Nikki & the girls in her carpool. 5:30- make salmon tacos. 6:30- read more of Jane Eyre 7:45- watch Pretty Little Liars with the girls 9:00- get Ali to bed & get ready myself. 9:30- say hi to Stephen when he gets home. And goodnight to Nikki. 10:00- go to bed & be ready to do it again tomorrow. And that was a slow day 😃