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Monday, October 7, 2013

Nikki is going to Homecoming

Nikki and her friends were bound and determined to all go to Homecoming together this year.   Last year, Nikki went with a boy from the water polo team.  It was a fun group, but not her closest friends.  So this year, they plotted and worked trying to be sure each girl had a date.  Not only a date, but one that would be accepting of going with the girls group of friends.

Last week Nikki and a few of her friends asked us moms to take them into LA to go dress shopping.  At that point not one of the three girls had even been asked to go to the dance.  They all assured us that they had verbal confirmations, but the "official asking" had just not been done yet.

Nikki had planned to go with Alex.  Now Alex had sort of liked her back in freshman year.  In fact he was going to ask her to Homecoming then.  But at the time, we decided she was getting too nervous about a dance and told her she couldn't go.  In the meantime, Alex has had a girlfriend (or two) and Nikki has moved on.  So this year when I started hearing his name come up, I thought it would be interesting to see if it worked out.

Turns out it did work out, although not how he'd planned.  He'd bought her a soccer ball (because they both play) and was going to bring it to practice with some flowers with the word "Homecoming?" written on the ball.  Thursday night when he'd planned to ask her, she came home sick after school and didn't go to practice.  So he ended up having to come to our house and ask her here. I think that was way tougher on him than doing it at the soccer practice.  So I give him big points for doing it alone here.

So the deed was done and we were able to go into LA to shop the next day with two of her friends and their moms.  We had a ton of fun, although who knew how exhausting it was!  We shopped for over 5 hours and Nikki couldn't find a dress.  The other two girls both had found one, so the pressure was on.  Finally Nikki settled on one that she was happy with.  We made a last stop for jewelry and at 4:00 finally headed out to get some LUNCH!  We were all starving and exhausted, but our mission was complete.

It really wasn't the dress she was looking for, but it looked cute on so she went for it.  Now she's wanting to go this weekend to local stores to see if she can find the one she couldn't find in LA.  Luckily we don't have any plans this weekend, so we'll see what comes of this.

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