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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homecoming 2013-Part 1

We somehow made it through another Homecoming!  I'm finally admitting that it's just way harder with daughters and dances than it'll ever be with sons.

First a follow up to the dress.  We went the weekend after shopping in LA to Fashion Island.  We went into Bloomingdales and within 20 minutes, she'd found the dress she really wanted.  She went in knowing if we didn't find what she was looking for, she would have to wear the dress from LA.  She said she'd just felt pressured to buy something while we were there and really didn't like that dress.  So it was a real win to find the one she loved at Bloomingdales.  And it was on sale so we ended up with two dresses for the price of one.  Scored!

Back to Homecoming day.  She now had her dress, jewelry, shoes, nails done and appointments for hair and makeup.  So the day should've been a breeze right?  Hmm not so much.  Her hair appointment was for 2:15 and makeup for 3:45.  We got to her hair appointment a little early and surprisingly her good friend was in the chair having her hair done.  Neither of them knew they were going to the same place.  When it was Nikki's turn, she showed the girl the picture of what she wanted.  She was also very clear and said if you can't do it exactly like this, I will just wear it down.  The girl confirmed that it wasn't a problem.  She also knew what time we had to be out of there for makeup.  So at 3:30 when she was still not even close to being done, I stepped outside to call the makeup place to let them know she was going to be about 15 minutes late.  Well lo and behold, they didn't have her scheduled for makeup!  What?!  After a few minutes on the phone, the lady told me she'd call me back after talking to the stylist.  Now at this point Nikki's hair was just about wrapped up.  When the stylist asked Nikki if it was good, Nikki paused.  She finally told  her that no, it wasn't loose enough.  That was the most important part of the style, that it remained very soft.  So the stylist said it wasn't a problem, she'd fix it. So she pulled a few pieces out and tried to get more softness.  Finally at 4:00 we walked out of the salon.  No sooner did we turn the corner, Nikki burst into tears saying how much she hated it.  She said it was nothing like she wanted.  Unfortunately I had to agree with her that it didn't look anything like her photo.  In fact it looked almost identical to her friends hair that had been there before her.  I got the feeling it was the only updo the stylist does.

You can see here, she is just about to burst into tears.  So we get into the car to start to head up to her makeup appointment when I realize they never called her back.  I call them back and am put on hold.  After being on hold for over 5 minutes we decide that it's never going to work.  Even if they got her right in, people were supposed to meet at her friends house for pictures at 4:30 and it was 4:00 already. So I dropped her at that friends house, ran home got her makeup, dress, etc and headed back over there.  The mom was working on Nikki's hair while I helped her get her makeup done.  It was nothing like the relaxing, happy day I had planned for her to have, but in the end we got it all done and she looked beautiful.  

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