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Friday, October 25, 2013

Homecoming 2013-Part 2

Now for the good part of the evening.  As we were finishing up, people started to arrive.  It worked out well that we finished her hair and makeup at the house that was hosting the pre-party.  This also happened to be the same family that hosted the pre-party for Stephen a couple of times so we knew they'd have a good yard for photos.

We went out into the backyard and watched as everyone started filtering in.  The girls were all beautiful in their sparkly dresses, sky high shoes and false eyelashes (that was the one thing Nikki was sad to miss out on by not getting her makeup done).  The boys all looked very handsome as well in their new suites and bright ties.  Immediately they all started grouping up and mixing and matching for photos.  Here are a few:

Nikki and Cassie (the family that hosted)

Alex and Nikki doing the flower exchange

Maddie, Cassie, Jillian, Nikki & Jenny

They looked beautiful!  By now everyone had arrived and had taken plenty of photos.  We tried to take some full group shots, but I didn't get any worth posting.  There were 17 couples and all of their families.  It was way too many people in one place.  So the party bus was at the curb and they loaded up and headed out.

They drove the bus from Upland down to BJ's Restaurant in Chino Hills.  They wanted to have plenty of time to enjoy the bus.  From there, they went to Damien High School for the dance.  After, one of the boys invited them all to go hang out at his house.  Finally about 2 am a group of girls headed to Jenny's and they crashed there for a few hours.  Nikki had a soccer game at 11:40 the next day so she couldn't hang around long.  All in all it was a great night and one that I hope she will have fond memories of when she's old, like me :)

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