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Friday, October 25, 2013

All new Ali

Ali finally got her braces off!  She initially was told they would be on for 12-14 months.  Needless to say, they were on longer.  I'm not sure how much longer, although if you ask her she could probably tell you to the day how long she wore them.  Part of it was her not wearing her rubber bands as diligently as she should have.  But either way, they are off and it's before high school.

I think she was looking pretty great at this point.  But she'd been asking me to let her dye her hair darker with a temporary color treatment.  So we went to Target and picked out a nice chestnut brown.  It was really easy to apply.  Although I realized about mid way through that we should've bought two boxes because she has so much hair.  But since we weren't sure if she was even going to like it, we decided to just proceed.  It turned out really pretty.  The top had more color than the bottom, but the under layer of her hair is darker naturally so it worked out fine.

It actually looks a lot like Nikki's hair now.  I think she's happy with it.  Although her friends gave her mixed reviews.  She's getting all dressed up for a bar mitzvah tomorrow so I'll post a photo of her all done up.

Okay here is the follow up photo of Ali and Grace before they headed out to their party.

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