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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Please act against Gil Cedillo's CA Dream Act 2011 AB 131

This act is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen.  It's already difficult enough for our children to get into California's impacted colleges.  Now we're going to give financial aid to those here illegally?  Please take a minute to voice your opinion.  

Gil Cedillo’s CA Dream Act 2011 AB 131. It's headed to Jerry Brown's desk. If this goes through, illegal alien's can elbow your kid's way out of line for college education assistance - paid by your California taxes! Call and tell them to shelve Gil Cedillo’s CA Dream Act AB 131! 
•Call 916-445-2841 
•Press 1 for English 
•Then press 2 
•Then press 1 
•Lastly, press 2 to vote in opposition of the DRE

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Legends Soccer - Nikki

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog.  It's not that we've been sitting on the couch, eating bon bons.  I think my biggest pitfall is I haven't been taking any pictures and I hate to blog without the personal touch of a few photos.  So while I still haven't taken any photos of Nikki on her new soccer team, I thought I'd write anyway.

Yesterday was her first league game with her new team, Legends.  She'd played in one tournament a couple of weekends prior, and they'd won the tournament.  But this is a new league and we are a little unsure about how they ranked the teams and how the competition would be.  We played a team called So Cal Rush Nike-Lancaster.  They were a lot better than I'd expected they would be.  Legends ended up winning the game 1-0 and Nikki played very well.  This coach's style of coaching is very similar to one of her old coaches.  They don't keep the ball very long and do more quick, short passes.  Nikki played mid field and had about 10 thru balls (passes that went past the opposing teams defense and allow our forwards to run to it and try to score) that were great.  She played the whole game and didn't let down.

Hopefully as these girls continue to play together, they will get even stronger.  And hopefully Nikki will continue to learn and grow under the direction of her new coach.

Okay I couldn't resist adding something!