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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ali's spring photo

I have a new app on my phone, instagram.  It has all kinds of built in, fun filters.  I took a photo of Ali's 8X10 with my phone and then applied one of the filters to it.  It was cute as the photo itself, but once I took a picture of it on my phone it looked flat.  The filter softened it enough that I thought it turned out really cute.  

Now how honest should I be?  These spring photos really bug me.  They take the pictures at school.  You don't pay for them, so everyone takes one.  Then they send home a package of cute pictures.  You're supposed to pay something like $13/ sheet.  Some sheets have one photo others have more, depending on the size.  Well of course after seeing them, I always feel like I have to purchase at least 2 sheets.  Then I find out that most people just keep the photos and never send in the money.  I've been told that since we didn't agree to take them before hand we don't owe the money.  Now I completely agree that I didn't ask for the photos and probably wouldn't even have them taken if given the option because we already had school photos in the Fall.  But this is also someone's business and I'd feel like I was stealing if I didn't pay for them.  What do you think, is it wrong to keep them without paying for them?

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