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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life of a SAHM

So this afternoon as I was sitting down for the first time all day at my computer, my oldest daughter says to me, "Mom is that what you do all day.  Or what do you do?"  Sometimes I wonder myself what I do all day and how the hours can just disappear without much getting accomplished.  She I gave her the run down of my day:

Dropped the girls off at school.
Came home, picked up the kitchen.
Went for a 5 mile run.
Showered for the 2nd time today.
Went to deliver Meals on Wheels.
Met Lisa for lunch at Podge's in Claremont.
Went to the grocery store.
Dropped off and put away groceries.
Picked up the girls.
Sat down at my computer while girls worked on homework.

Yep that's what I did today.  It seems pretty unproductive even though I was busy the entire day.  I think that's going to be something I work on.  I'm going to set aside days or at least blocks of time for specific activities that I want or feel need to get done.  First on that list will be working on my scrapbook.  Second might be spring cleaning.

Now I'm off to start dinner since Stephen usually arrives home famished.  How about you, what do you do with your days?  And do you feel like you have a lot of missing hours in the day?

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