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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

After the half

My post for my experiences for running my first half marathon was a bit long, but there was more to the day.  Lisa ended up being able to go with me, but with some conditions.  We had  to run and then RUN!  She had to be at funeral services by 11:00 in downtown LA.  So race started at 6AM, we were done by 8 AM and showered and on the road by 9:10 AM.  We got to the funeral a little after 10:00.  I dropped Lisa off, and headed straight to Nikki's soccer game.  I got there a little early so I stopped at Panera and got a sandwich.  I was starved at this point, so I was glad to be early.  Nikki ended up playing 2 hours of soccer. I'd sit and watch and then start feeling stiff, so I'd get up and walk a bit.  Then to top off the night, we had reservations with Lisa and her family at Lawry's in Beverly Hills at 6:30.  We had such a great dinner!  Prime rib, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, spinned salad and delicious chocolate cake to end it all.  Yes that was a celebration meal!  What a day!

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