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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family Crossfit

Yesterday was Uh-mazing!  I'd been trying to get Stephen and Nikki to try out Crossfit.  I knew they'd both love it.  And yesterday it worked out so they could both go.  Nikki went at 3:00 to the high school/college aged class.  She had two of her friends go with her so she didn't have to feel like a newbie.  It was a pretty big class but Andrew was awesome with them.  He was patient and made sure they had the moves down.  (He later said he used to be a high school teacher so his patience made more sense.)  They didn't use much weight, but they all got a great workout in.  Then at 4:00, Stephen and I did the adult class.  Chris, his club water polo coach was there to workout too so that was extra motivation for him.  We got in a great workout and I think Stephen realized how it's individual but still competitive.  We were all exhausted, but we're all ready to go back for more on Friday.  I would love for Bill to be able to go to!  He's worried about signing up and not having the time to go.  But for today, I'll take getting Stephen and Nikki to join me.

What I'm really hoping is that the kids can find something they enjoy to work other muscles than what they use for their sports.  Also with Stephen getting ready for college, it'd be great if he liked this and could continue throughout college.  At this point, it's fun for us to go and cheer each other on.

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