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Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo Book Update

We received our 2013 photo book in the mail yesterday!  My first thought was that it was a lot smaller than I though it would be.  I had to add so many pages as I was designing it.  So I thought it was going to be this massive book.  Turns out 93 pages of a photo book is quite small.  If I opt to continue these, I know now that I can safely do 200 pages without it seeming too big.  Wish I would've known that.

As for the quality, I am very happy with it.  There were a few photos I was concerned about the quality and I was right.  They turned out not to be the best.  But the rest look amazing.  I really like being able to size photos so easily.  I can make them odd sizes and bigger or smaller.  Overall I think I do like the old fashioned scrapbook look better, but for the ease and cost I may continue with the photo books for now.  Plus they take up much less space!

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