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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ali's New Job

Ali has an online shopping habit.  Luckily she's pretty good at searching out a good deal.  Most of her purchases are less than $20, but at any given time she's got open pages on her web browser with at least $500 in her shopping carts.  While I don't want to encourage her habit I am impressed at her inventiveness.  She typed up a flier and asked me to put it on my Facebook page.  I copied it below.  It turns out the timing was perfect.  I'd posted something about babysitting for Nikki a few years ago and didn't get any interest.  But after posting this for Ali I had a few people inquire about babysitting, pet sitting and she's even started tutoring.  She is tutoring a friends daughter that's in the 5th grade.  It's a perfect start.  She is working on how to help her process the information she learned without giving her the answer outright.  I'm so proud of her for working for what she wants.  Beside the fact that she will earn some money to support her habit, she is learning some valuable skills.  Love these kids!

Hardworking 8th grader wanting to earn her keep

I am willing to do all of the following:
·  Tutor those my age (8th grade) and younger
·  Babysit
·  Petsit

Please call if you are interested:

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