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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vitamix Wet Chopping

I've had my Vitamix blender for a couple of years now.  Of course when I first got it, we were making smoothies daily.  Then I've moved away from eating too much fruit so I haven't been blending or using my Vitamix as much as I'd like.  I remember sampling a tortilla soup at a Costco demonstration.  It was delicious and very easy to make.  At the time, I'd just figured I could google the recipe and make it at home.  Of course after searching it, I couldn't find the one they'd made.  Urgh!  I know this dang blender can do so much more than smoothies and I really want to use it more.

So when a friend told me about this "wet blending", I was intrigued.  She said she blends all of her vegetables this way and it's amazing.  You just coarsely chop up whatever veggie you're using and fill the blender with water.  Pulse the blender a few times and then strain it and you have perfectly minced veggies.  I tried it with cauliflower since I love cauliflower rice, but rarely feel like going through the effort with my food processor.  It literally took seconds!  I was amazed.  And it turned out fabulous!!

We've all talked about sharing recipes.  Someone at the gym even has a recipe for the tortilla soup!  I can't wait to get my hands on that one.  What's your favorite way to use your Vitamix?  I'd love to try some new things with mine.

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