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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cupcakes too

Last week the girls practiced filling cupcakes...hmm I didn't even know you could do that.  Apparently there is a "plunger" that you put into the top of the cupcake to pull out some cake before filling it and frosting it.  I have been very impressed with the decorating these girls are doing.  In fact, Nikki is doing a much better job than I could!  Next week is the last week of this class and then they are moving on to the fondant class.  They are really looking forward to that one!

Ali is trying out for Selects soccer, which is a step up from AYSO and a step below club soccer.  Her friends dad is coaching the team so she's hoping that gives her an edge.  She did pretty good at the tryout, so hopefully she'll have a chance.  It's a team that goes from February through June and will do about 8 tournaments in that time.  They talked about doing a lot of conditioning.  I think it will be much better for her than softball would have been.  So hopefully she makes the team and has a good experience.

Stephen did his first TJ trip with the school.  He had a great time and is planning to go again next Sunday.  After that last trip the thing we were concerned most with was the lack of seat belts in the van on the way down there.  Hopefully on this next trip he'll get to ride in a car with another parent with seat belts.  It's a great lesson for the boys, but it'd be nice if the parents could feel a little better about the safety of them!

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