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Friday, January 14, 2011

On the radio!

So yesterday I was on my way out to Damien to pick up Stephen.  I was listening to KFWB and the host was talking about Ted Williams, the guy they found living on the streets and gave him an announcer contract and a house.  And he's now in rehab after supposedly being clean for 2 years.  He wanted people to call in with their comments.  Well I'd been at lunch with Lisa just prior to this and we'd talked about this guy, so I couldn't resist picking up the phone and calling.  And guess what?  I got right through!  I talked to the screener, was put on hold for a minute and was on live radio!  The host asked me what I thought and I told him I thought it was ridiculous that they would give these contracts to this guy.  I told him I thought it was wrong that all these kids go to college,  doing all the right things to break into this industry and a great job is taken away by a homeless man that has a million kids that he's walked away from, a criminal record and a self admitted drug addict and alcoholic.  I told him I thought if they wanted to take a chance on him they could have done it how everyone else would start, at the bottom.  I think it was all just a chance for publicity, but I think it's wrong.  All in all it was very funny to pick Stephen up and whisper to him to be quiet because I was on the radio!!

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