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Monday, September 16, 2013

New room for Ali

Ali has been on our case about redoing her bedroom.  She keeps close tabs on when her brother and sister got this or that and has decided this is the year she is due a remodel.  For the meantime, she's taken over her brother's room while he's away at college.

Stephen and Nikki both have upgraded to a full sized bed from a twin.  After our last beach day, Ali was so exhausted she didn't want to shower before going to sleep.  I told her to sleep in Stephen's bed since I needed to wash his sheets anyway.  Apparently she slept so well she decided to move in there until she got a bigger bed for herself.

Yesterday she and I headed over to Mathis Bros while Bill and Nikki were in Bakersfield for soccer.  Ali was really leaning towards a canopy bed until we saw what they had to offer.  She didn't love any of them, so we walked the showroom to see what else interested her.  Her first choice was as she called it, "so her".

It was definitely a princess bed.  The outside edge is all mirrored.  Luckily I was able to convince her it would be very limiting for bedding choices.  Plus it was over $2k, so we moved on.

We searched all of the youth beds because those are the only ones available in full sizes.  Unfortunately I think because they were all decorated in kids themes she couldn't find any she liked.  We did find a queen sized bed that she really liked

This one had drawers on the end board that would be great storage for all of the blankets Ali likes to keep.  But after measuring the bed, we have determined there's no way a queen sized bed would fit in her room.  It would literally be all bed.  So our options now are to either find a full sized bed elsewhere or possibly switch her room with Stephen's room.  That would be a lot more work for us, but might be the best option.  As for now, I'm going to keep looking for a full sized bed.  We'll see where this takes us.

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