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Monday, September 23, 2013

Nikki made Captain!

Today was Nikki's first day of tryouts for high school soccer.  They planned to have the girls tryout Monday through Thursday and announce the teams on Friday.  Last night Nikki sent the coach an email letting him know that she'd have to leave early since her club practices conflict and right now club has priority.  He said that was fine and that he needed her to stay after practice today.  We joked and said he wants to make her captain.  She laughed and said that maybe it was captain of the JV team. Which wouldn't be so bad, except she was pulled up to Varsity mid way through the season last year so she was really hoping to play Varsity this year.

She called me after tryouts today to let me know she had to make a stop before heading home.  I asked her what the coach had talked to her about.  She said he'd pulled four girls and asked them if they wanted to be captains.  Weird that he asked, right?  Well the reason being is that two are sophomores, Nikki is a junior and the last girl is a senior.  He told them he understood if it put them in an awkward position and if they didn't want to do it to let him know.  Otherwise he was going to make the announcement tomorrow.   Nikki had second thoughts for all of the reasons the coach had articulated.  But after talking to her, she decided that other people's opinion of her shouldn't stop her from doing something that will be good for her for many reasons.  Many of those reasons, I don't even think she's aware of.  But I can say that I am so excited for her and proud of her!  I can't wait to see what the season has in store!

This is a photo from her club season at a tournament over the summer.

This rather blurry shot was from last year's high school season after she'd gotten pulled up.

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