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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another volleyball weekend

So excited to get back to watching Ali play volleyball.  She's playing on the 13's team for a second season.  Last year she could've played on the 12's team, but they decided to play her up.  It was a tough beginning being that she was the only one that had never played before.  But as the season wore on, she gained some ground.  At this year's tryouts, she was hoping to stay with her former teammates and play on the 14's team.  Turns out the coaches thought it would be better for her (or them) to keep her on the 13's team for another year.  I think overall it was a good call since they'd switched her to be a setter. She is the only setter on the team and will get a lot of play time to develop.  And her team is having a great time together.

This group has about 5-6 girls that have never played club volleyball, and yet they are doing great as a team.  They are all supportive of each other and are learning so quickly.  Plus I know how quickly these days are going to go.

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