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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Season Left of High School Soccer

This season of high school soccer for Nikki flew by!  With 12 graduating seniors last year, nobody expected they'd do very well this year.  They ended up not making into CIF playoffs, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they played.  And I think next year they should be fine as well.  It's hard to believe next year will be her final year playing high school soccer.  I am so proud of her for playing all four years.  It's been a struggle trying to balance club and high school.  And unfortunately her coaches didn't make it easy on her.  Then you throw in the fact that she's also got to find time to be a student, and well let's just say I'm very proud of her for sticking it out.  Their last game of the season will be tomorrow.  I hope they end it on a high note.  But they're playing the first place team, and their coach can't be on the bench for receiving a red card in the last game.  Hmm, oh well hopefully it'll be good memories anyway.

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