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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Driver on the Road!

It's official, Stephen is out on the roads...alone!  We went first thing this morning to the DMV in Fontana.  Ali stayed home sick, so we dropped Nikki off at school at 7:15 and headed out.  We got there a few minutes early and were able to score the parking spot on the end.  As soon as they opened, we went to window 21.  She looked over our paperwork, then told us to move the car to the testing bay.  We waited just a few minutes out there before a normal looking guy walked out to our car.  Turns out he was all business.  Wouldn't make small talk or even crack a smile.  He put Stephen through all of the car basics and told me to wait under the sign.  Off they went.  I was so nervous for him.  So when the lady behind us came over while waiting for her daughter I asked her if her daughter was nervous.  She said this was her 4th time and was very nervous.  She'd failed three times already!  Yikes that wasn't making me feel any better.  Then when Stephen pulled in, she said he was back too quick and had failed.  Stephen got out and the instructor told him to go to window 21.  No, "great job" or even, "better luck next time", nothing!  So off we went and turns out he passed!  Although he did get really close.  He had no extra points to spare!  He apparently didn't make complete stops and was going too fast.  I liked that he was going too fast while in reverse!  Oh well, he passed and drove off to school by himself.  That's such a rite of passage, so happy for him!!

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