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Monday, May 2, 2011

Our first 5K

We ran our first 5k over the weekend!  It was so much fun.  The whole family ran it, with the exception of the 16 year old who says he's no longer a land animal.  He's been doing swim and water polo for the last two years and thinks that has ruined his ability to run.  I think he was afraid his 10 year old sister would beat him.  So the four of us set out to run the Race for Rescue in Rancho Cucamonga.   Nikki and I were going to start mid way in the runners group, while Bill and Ali started in the back of the runners.  Turned out to be little notice.  They called for line up and immediately sounded the starting gun.  It was unbelievably windy!  They had to tie the EZ Ups to cars.  We knew there was going to be a long stretch of uphill, but didn't realize it was against the wind.  Yikes!  Oh well, it was our first race and we all completed it!  Nikki and I got just over 29 minutes, and my goal was to finish in under 30 so I was happy.  Bill and Ali shocked me by coming in 8 minutes later!  They did awesome.  Ali said it was really hard and she barely made it, but she did it!  They ran in holding hands.  It was so great!  The best part was that Bill said he had a lot of fun and wants to do it again.  Next time we'll definitely drag the 16 year old along!

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