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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today's Run

With my first half marathon less than two weeks away I am beginning my taper.  I ran 13 miles on Sunday while Bill, Nikki and Ali rode bikes.  I was surprised the girls wanted to go with us, but was happy they did.  Ali made it the nearly 6 miles to the turnaround point without any problems.  I turned and kept running so I didn't mess up my time.  Nikki caught up to me and told me Ali said she couldn't ride back and was walking her bike back.  We just kept going and eventually Bill and Ali came riding by.  Well I should re-phrase that.  Bill came riding by with Ali in tow.  He'd taken off his sweatshirt and wrapped it around her handlebars and pulled.  He said that really exhausted him as well.  We all made it back to the car and I said I still had a little less than 2 miles left to make the full 13 miles.  So  I continued to run and heard Nikki yell, "wait for me!".  Next thing I know she was next to me running!  I told her I was proud of her for finishing so strong.  With some training, I know the two of us will be able to run the half marathon in December in Las Vegas!!

Today I ran 6 miles and if felt excruciating!  I ran the same route I always run, but it sure doesn't seem to be getting any easier.  What did surprise me was when I was done I'd had my best time.  I'd improved my time by 3 minutes.  So I guess if I have to struggle but my times improve, I'll take it!

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