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Monday, April 8, 2013

College Decisions!!

He has made a decision!  That was such a stressful process for us, and I'm sure it was even more stressful for him making the decision.  The original pool of serious consideration started with Redlands, Chapman and Santa Clara.  He really liked the guys at Redlands, and liked a lot about the location of the campus as well as the water polo coach.  The one drawback there was the 3/2 program for engineering.  They paired with only schools out of California, neither of which interested him.

At Santa Clara, he got into the engineering program but was not sure about his status on the water polo team.  Plus it was the only school he didn't get any scholarship money for.  We weren't really up for paying full price and not having him play polo.

Lastly was Chapman.  The location is great, and he had a spot on the team.  They pair with UC Irvine, which would be okay.  So the final decision really came down to a choice between Santa Clara and Chapman.  And he went with....

The coach offered him a spot on the team and that sealed it for him.  He's so excited to get a chance to play there as well as being admitted to the engineering program.  Of course it was the most expensive choice to make, but I think it will be the best place for him.  We're so happy for you Stephen and look forward to seeing your growth and progress through your college years.  Plus we're excited to get to watch you play water polo for a few more years!  We weren't ready to be done yet either :)

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