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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crazy Weekend

I'm writing this post at 1AM after having gotten up at 5AM the past two mornings, and not sure what time I'm going to be able to go to sleep tonight (tomorrow, know what I mean).  It all started Friday morning.  Ali had the Junior National Qualifier Weekend for volleyball this weekend.  Her first game was Friday at 8AM, on the courts at the Anaheim Convention Center at 7AM.  It was an early morning, but luckily all of their games were quick and we were done by 12:30. Then Stephen had an 8PM water polo game, but thankfully that was in Upland so it wasn't bad.

This morning Nikki had an 8AM game in Apple Valley for State Cup and Ali had to be back in Anaheim at 7AM.  Since Nikki had to be there at 7AM too, we all left the house this morning at 6AM! Ugh!  Nikki's team was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation.  They had two 15 minutes overtimes and ended up going to PK's.   Nikki had the first shot and scored!  Unfortunately they lost by one shot with only one girl missing her shot.  So that means they're done for the season.  She was disappointed in being done, but knows she needs to look forward and just do better next time.

Ali's team did GREAT today!  They played four matches and won all four, with only one going to three sets.  It was like a completely different team.  They had a great time and beat some tough opponents.  Unfortunately it didn't go as quickly as yesterday's games.  We got home about 3:30.  I showered and cleaned up a bit and everyone started arriving here about 5:15 for Prom!  We had agreed to the before AND after party here this year.  Yes that was before we knew the game schedules but what could we do at that point?  So we moved forward.  The kids all looked great and after the party bus arrived, they left here to head to Anaheim's Phoenix Club for their last Prom!

They got back here and I had lot of sugary snacks ready as well as some pizzas on the way.  They all changed into their comfy clothes and headed out back to relax and enjoy their last night of Prom memories.  

And I will get to bed and be up in time to get to Stephen's water polo game in the morning.  Not as early as Bill but much earlier than I'd like!  But I wouldn't trade any of this for anything!

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