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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Senior day for swim

Last week marked the last home meet for swim.  The last home meet/game of the year always is "senior day".  The coaches announce each of the seniors and say where they are going to go for college.  The parents are also announced and generally the boys give the moms a bouquet of flowers.

Of course the main question everyone wants to know is if you are sad.  I am sad to see high school coming to an end and I'm going to miss the crazy schedule, but I am so excited for Stephen.  How can I not be excited for him?  He's worked so hard these past four years and it has payed off exactly as we'd hoped.  He got into the program he wanted and gets to continue to play water polo at the highest level.

That's not to say I don't have momentary times of "freak out".  It usually happens when I see him hanging out with his sisters or we're out having a great meal.  I will definitely miss him like crazy and be so excited for him to come home.  I also am holding out hope that he'll call often.  But my overall emotion is excitement for him.

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