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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Junior Olympics 2013

This was Stephen's last year to play in JO's.  Their club always has a hard time retaining an 18's team.  I think mainly because some quit playing after their last high school season, especially if they aren't going to play in college.  This year we had a good group of boys.  We had several that committed to play division 1 in college, so they all wanted to finish out their last year.  The training was tough because some had college practices to go to, others had jobs.  In our case, it was the first summer we were able to take family vacations because Stephen didn't have the high school practices.  So he didn't miss too much, but  he did get to go fishing in Mammoth with Bill and to Havasu for Nikki's birthday.

I think when JO's rolled around at the end of July, none of us were too sure how the team would come together.  They'd not done very well in the earlier tournaments.  But just like last year, they stepped it up and came together right when they needed to.  We've had such a great run with Foothill Club, meeting some great families, great boys and great coaches.  I hope Stephen has as good of a time in college as he's had in high school.

Fifth place overall finish!  Last year they took 4th and this year 5th, that's higher than any other 18's team has ever gotten.  And they did it two years in a row.  Great job boys!!

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