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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lake Powell

I'm finally finishing up our summer posts.  Lake Powell was to be our big family vacation.  We usually leave the day after JO's ends and stay until someone starts school.  This year, Nikki needed one extra day because she'd gone to CS Long Beach for their 4 day soccer camp.  She ended up not really liking the campus, (mainly stemming from the several cockroaches they found in their dorms) but liked the coach and the program.

So after she got home, we headed off for our vacation.  Nikki was bringing Sydney, and the other two decided not to bring anyone.  Most of Stephen's friends were heading off to college and Ali likes the time alone.

Of the nine days we were there, we had a few good ones.  We just kept calling it an adventure.  We had a flash flood that made it impossible to get back to our hotel for several hours after coming off the lake.  We had our boat break down, which thankfully it did so right in front of our friend that services the boat back home.  And then we had another almost full day of heavy rain that kept us off of the lake.  But on the bright side, we met up with our friends that service our boat and on another day met up with our other friends.  They had room to entertain us on their boat the one day Bill had to pull our boat out of the water to try to fix it.  And on the rainy day we played tourists and did the dam tour.  Of course we made dam jokes the whole time!

Nikki and Ali cliff jumping

Me and the kids after swimming to this big rock

We all learned how to surf behind the Inkrott's boat.  So fun!

Stephen getting some great air.

Ali learned how to wakeboard!

Double boarding?! Oh yeah!

One of my favorite photos :)

Bill and I 

Even though the running joke was that next year we are going to Hawaii, we had a great time.  Still haven't decided if we're going to sell the boat or not, but either way we made some great memories!

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