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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nikki's Soccer Summer

Nikki has had a summer FULL of soccer.  Thankfully her coach allowed us to still enjoy our trips we had planned and let us work around tournaments.  Her team has picked up a few girls and is coming along nicely.  We played in some higher level tournaments at the top levels and did very well.  Unfortunately I've really stopped taking my camera to games. Being the manager of the team, I have enough stuff I have to tote to each game.  Between my binder to check the girls in before games, the canopy and water bottles, the last thing I want to carry is my heavy camera.  Plus we have another dad on the team that takes great photos of the girls.

It was so great to see the girls come together a little bit more at each tournament. They made it to quarter finals, then semi finals, then lost in the final game at the last tournament.  They have another one this weekend.  Hopefully they will take it!  But either way, I'm proud of the hard work they are putting in and glad to see it's paying off.

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