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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

This was our year to host the family for Christmas day.  We had Bill's family spread over the early weeks before Christmas day.  We had one day with his mom and Brian where I made the organic chicken I'd gotten from our monthly delivery.  It was delicious!  The bummer part is that it was such a nice, relaxing evening I never even took out my camera.

Then we had Bill's dad and Lois, Shelley and Chuck and Barbara over for our prime rib dinner.  It was a little more well done than I would've liked, but pretty darned good.  Definitely will have to make it again before next Christmas.

 Lois & Willis
 Chuck & Barbara
Nikki, Ali, Stephen & Shelley

I got a break on Christmas Eve, when we were able to go to my parents house for a yummy pot roast dinner.  She even let me skip out on bringing food since I was doing breakfast and dinner the next day.

 Dad, Mom, Chad & Dawn
 Noah, Stephen & Parker
 Mylie & Nikki
 Bill & Me! (I finally made a photo)
Bill & Ali

Yep, breakfast was at 10:00.  We had my parents and Bill's mom and Brian.  The kids have come to expect their traditional foods that I've made every year since they were born.  We have an eggs souffle, fruit, monkey bread (now we're up to needing two of these!) and canadian bacon.  We had a few gifts to open and then everyone went home by noonish.

By 4:00 everyone was arriving for dinner.  I was cooking like crazy to get it all done and on the table by 6:00.  In the end, it all was served at 6:15, not bad if I don't say so.  I had a nice Shelton's turkey and two hams.  We had tons of appetizers, which is why I wanted to wait a bit before serving dinner.  There were lots of side dishes and desserts.  It was a busy night and I was exhausted when it was all over, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  There is nothing I love more than having family over to entertain.
All of the "littles"
Bill and Me
Mom & Dad

Nevaeh & Joanne    
Grandma & Mom

 Shannon & Dad


 Shanon, Stan & Chuck

That was our Christmas recap.  It is my absolute favorite time of the year.  Bill again went all out on the decorations.  He had several kids hired as helpers in putting everything up.  For take down, Bill did a lot of the work the day after Christmas.  Then Nikki had a soccer tournament so we were gone all day for several days.  He asked Stephen to take the rest of the lights and decorations down out front.  Stephen worked the ENTIRE day and got the job done, by  himself.  He has really stepped it up this year and made us proud.  Ali helped hold the ladder while Stephen was up the palm trees unwrapping the lights.  I was a little worried about him being up there, so I forced Ali to go help a bit.  It was good for them to work together for a common goal.  I love the holidays!!

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