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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Weekend

We've had a busy week, and it just continued into the weekend.  Nikki had a soccer tournament in Las Vegas and Stephen had a swim meet in Brea.  Yep couldn't do both, so we had to divide and conquer.  Bill and Nikki decided that the weekend would be their bonding time and they'd go alone.  Ali wanted to go, but she'd gone skiing for three days with a friend and wouldn't be back in time so she stayed home with us.  Bill called me to when they got into town.  I asked if he and Nikki had some good, bonding conversations on the ride.  He said she ditched him in Victorville to ride with friends and he drove alone.  Nice!!

Stephen's swim meet was in Brea.  Friday I had to be at the school at 12:45 to drive the boys down there.  We got there a little after 1:00, when I found out the meet didn't start until 3:00.  So I hung out and read for awhile, which was a nice surprise.  Friday was the qualifiers and thankfully, Stephen qualified in both of his events (the 200 free and the 100 free).  Saturday we had to be there at 7:20.  I was assuming the meet would start at 8:00.  No such luck, it was scheduled to start at 9:00...ugh!  Stephen did a bit better on Friday than today, but still did great!  He took 4th in the 200 free with a time of 2:00:03.  Yesterday, he'd gone 1:59:90.  In the 100 free he took 5th with a 56:82.  Yesterday's was a 56:89.  He's definitely consistent.  That I'd noticed last year.  Stephen goes all out every race and does his absolute best.  And it shows with his times being so close all of the time.  He's so close to lettering in the 200 and 500.  Let's hope in the coming weeks he gets there!!

Nikki had her 1st soccer game at noon.  Bill texted at half time that they were still tied 0-0.  Then I got the dreaded text that they lost with 1 minute left in the game.  Boo!  I hate games that end like that, unless of course they're in our favor.  Let's hope for a better outcome in the 5:00 game!

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