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Monday, March 14, 2011


I've been running for about 14 weeks now and just experienced my first set back.  I was doing a 10 mile run and about mile 7 my foot started to hurt on top.  I finished the run, but by that evening my foot was swelling and bruising.  So I cut my miles the next week to 20 and wore my old tennis shoes instead of my Vibrams.  Then I started thinking that I really need to cross train more.  So I called up my friend/trainer that teaches Crossfit classes.  I decided to start slow and only go once a week.  I went today for the first time since the end of December.  Yikes!  Crossfit is not something to take a break from.  I was dying!  Our workout looked like this:

5 minutes on the rowing machine- I did 1083 meters
Warm up:  10 wall balls (this is throwing a medicine ball up the wall, catching it and dropping into a full squat) 12 # ball
10 pull ups (being away so long I used a blue band for 4 rounds then green for the last 3)
Yes 7 rounds for time was the warm up!  It took me: 12:40

WOD (Workout of the Day):
1 mile run
100 sit ups
100 ghg back extensions
1 mile run

It was the first time I've ever done a crossfit class and said "Yes, we're running!".  I knew my muscles couldn't take much else.  My time on the WOD was: 31:47.

So while none of my times were impressive, it felt good to get back there and get a great workout.  I'm still not sure if once a week will even be beneficial, but it's all I can squeeze in right now.  I'm hoping it will help my running.  Time will tell.

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